Finance for non-financial managers
course overview

Course content

Our finance for non-financial managers short training course can include the following areas:

  • Understanding Accounting Principles
  • The Accounting Process
  • Valuation techniques in accounting
  • External Annual Reporting require-ments
  • An introduction to Inventory ac-counting
  • An introduction to costing systems:
    • Absorption
    • Marginal
    • Standard
    • Activity Based Costing
  • Cash V Accrual Accounting
  • Assets V Expenses
  • Depreciation - a major type of expense
  • Common depreciation methods
  • Common depreciation methods
  • Understanding the Income State-ment (P&L)
  • Understanding the Balance Sheet
  • Understanding the Cash Flow Statement
  • Financial (Ratio) Analysis - Getting behind the numbers
    • Vertical Analysis
    • Baseline Analysis
    • Mainstream Financial Ratios
  • Approaches to assessing Capital Expenditure - Purchasing Assets
  • The Time and Value of Money
    • PV and NPV
    • IRR
  • Payback Analysis
  • Choice of the Discount Rate - Required Rates of Return
  • How to know if a project is via-ble based on the numbers
  • Non-Financial considerations in capital expenditure

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The course was excellent. Good material and an excellent presenter. Lindsay makes what could be a boring subject interesting and lively. His style is enthusiastic. He clearly enjoys the content and the training and he kept us all engaged


Who Should Attend?

Finance for non-financial managers short training courses are designed for anyone who needs to understand accounting and finance on a daily basis, but doesn’t want a qualification in it.

  • CEOs and executive staff from non-financial backgrounds
  • Senior managers and operational managers in private, government and not-for-profit sectors
  • Any operational or specialist staff members with budgeting or reporting responsibilities
  • Project and program managers
  • Business owners

Training course locations

We can deliver Finance for non-financial managers short training courses for a group at your organisation.

Onsite training courses available across Australia in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth and Darwin. We also deliver training and short courses in regional areas of Victoria such as Yarra Valley, Daylesford, Mornington Peninsula and Gippsland and in Tasmania in Hobart and Launceston.

If you are interested in public courses please register your interest here and we will notify you of upcoming course dates.


Training course dates

Panache Training and Consulting regularly delivers Finance for non-financial managers training courses in Melbourne, Victoria, Sydney and Perth.

If you are interested in Melbourne finance training courses please contact us now to find out the next scheduled date and to register your place.

We can also run a course on any date in house in your organisation.


Tailored short training courses

If you would like a tailored version of Finance for non-financial managers short training course we can use your own financial statements and your own business model as examples and your own particular “finance language”.

Panache can also generate tailored one day or two day training courses for your staff, based on your training specific needs.

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